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what_a_crock's Journal

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What A Crock!
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Recipes and tips on cooking with your slow cooker.
This is a community to share tips, questions, and recipes for crock pot cooking. Everyone is welcome to join and post lots of recipes whether you have tried them and liked them or haven't tried them yet and wanted to get some input on how to improve them. If you know of some good crock-pot recipe sites, feel free to post those links as well.

When making a post to the community please make sure to put the recipe name in the subject line or what your post is about if not posting a recipe. This makes it so much easier to add posts to the memories. If you have any sites or posts you see that aren't in the memories please let us know so that we can add them! Also if you have any suggestions to improve the community let us know that as well.

Please no drama or snark! Keep that in your own journal so we can have a light and carefree place to write about crock pot cooking. If you have any questions or problems regarding posts please feel free to email the moderator.

Community maintained by shanin and erian.

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